Department Of Diagnostic  Imaging (Radiology).

 Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging has been an Integral part of Modern Medicine. Paropakar Maternity and women’s Hospital is the central tertiary hospital in Nepal which is dedicated towards Women’s health related, Maternity and neonate patients. In PMWH, Radiology dept. is a crucial department providing services at it’s best, since long back. Patients visiting to this hospital are from all over the country for their better & affordable diagnosis and treatment. Radiology department is one of the busiest department in this hospital , equipped with Ultrasonography (USG) machine, 16 Sliced CT-Scan, Mammogram and X-Ray machine.


  • USG-Abdomen& pelvis scan, Obstetric Scan, Superficial parts (Neck, Breast & Axilla etc), Joints, Neurosonography (Neonates), Fetal Anomaly scan, Doppler study, Trans-vaginal scan(TVS), USG guided procedures .
  • X-Ray-Digital X-ray , Portable X-ray, HSG, IVU etc.
  • Digital Mammography.
  • CT scan- Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis, KUB, IVU etc.
  • EHS(Extended Health Service) in Radiology .