Instituitional Review Committee (IRC) 

Instituitonal Review Committee (IRC) of Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital was established with the objective of promoting the health related researches in the instituite following the guidelines of the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC). It is usually an independent, autonomous and multidisciplinary in nature.


  • Submission of application to the director’s office for research/thesis/data collection from the individual/college/ organization to which research belongs to.
  • Application is forwarded by the director to research unit.
  • Research unit forwards it to Research committee.
  • Research committee of this hospital works as Institutional review committee (IRC).
  • The researcher has to submit forwarded application along with the proposal to IRC.
  • IRC reviews proposal and takes approval from concerned department of the hospital where research will be carried out.
  • For the external research it is mandatory to include hospital staff in the research as a supervisor and pay certain amount of money to the hospital.
  • Concerned department or supervisor has to give consent for the research.
  • Ethical clearance will be taken by IRC.
  • Approval letter from the IRC will take at least 15 days to one month depending on the research.
  • Approval letter is forwarded to the account section and administration department of the hospital for the financial clearance as per rules.
  • The researcher can conduct/carry out his/her research/data collection/thesis in the concerned department only after getting the approval letter from IRC.
  • Researcher has to get permission from IRC to publish their research in any journal or any publication outside the hopital.
  • Research involving animal and multicenter study should have approval from NHRC.


A standard format has to be followed for the research proposal. In order to get general outline of the material that needs to be included in your project proposal, please click on the link below.

Payment by researcher/student for doing research/study

Designation Amount
Staff of the Hospital doing research for our hospital Free of cost
Staff of the Hospital for other institution beside NAMS affiliation According to amount mention below
Staff of the Hospital with International / External fund According to amount mention below
Group students for one research Rs 2000 each/student
Bachelor’s Rs. 4000
Master Rs. 10000
Institution(Nepal) from outside the PMWH which doesn’t need NHRC approval 3% total of their budget or 5000 which is more.
Any researcher/international student who have to take approval from NHRC 2% of total budget or 1000 which is more.
International studies by Nepali student (not applied to international student) 50% of amount paid to NHRC